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CB6000 chastity cage clear chastity belt
  • CB6000 chastity cage clear chastity belt
  • CB6000 chastity cage clear chastity belt
  • CB6000 chastity cage clear chastity belt
  • CB6000 chastity cage clear chastity belt
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customer reviews

Stefan K. aus M.
5 of 5 stars!
5 of 5 stars!


CB6000 chastity cage and chastity belt ist the newest product by the developers of the CB3000, CB2000 und The Curve. The new model CB6000 is a bit larger than the CB3000 and offers new rings, but take a look.

The Cadillac of male chastity devices, the brand new CB-6000 has arrived! Those of you who have experienced the supreme pleasure of its worthy predecessors, the CB-2000 and CB-3000, have waited so patiently for this upgrade, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

The CB-6000 features a new flat design to enhance comfort. This magical number consists of a series of interlocking pieces that work together. Two guide pins brace the top pieces, while a locking pin runs through the recessed center hole, connecting the cage to the ring. Each device comes with a range of ring sizes, from 1½�? to 2�? diameter. The cage itself is 8.25cm long and just under 3.8cm wide.

Made from hardy yet lightweight polycarbonate, with slats for improved ventilation, ease of urination and hygienic maintenance, the CB-6000 is the most promising long term chastity device to date. You can feel more secure handing away the key, as the CB-6000 will cradle your cock while keeping it locked up tight.

Each Kit Contains:

  • 1 Embossed, padded carrying case
  • 1 Cage (Length: 8.25cm, Interior Diameter: appx. 3.8cm)
  • 1 Brass Padlock with 1 key
  • 4 spacers
  • 4 locking pins
  • 5 rings of varying size
  • 5 individually numbered plastic locks.

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Ready for shipment: 4 - 12 business, days if not in stock
Item No.: 92CB6000

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