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Eroticshop and sexshop with erotictoys and sextoys for him and her

The erotic store by LTVS24 offers everything for a romantic evening for two and gentle or intense evening alone.

A wide range of Fleshlight masturbators, Tenga and other well-known manufacturers, and various penis toys, rings or sleeves for him.

Delicate or demanding love balls, dildos, vibrators and fingers covers for you, as well as erotic body jewelry, and edible underwear.

Or spend the evening with an erotic board game or erotic stories and books, there are many possibilities.

Your erotic team LTVS24
More than a sexshop!


The Erotic shop by LTVS24 includes all items that you often get also in a local sexstore in your neighbourhood. Variety of catalogs, books and magazines, erotic games and audio books, through to various articles for fun alone or with a partner. Our adult shop offers a variety of ways to increase the most wonderful thing in the world to higher levels and new horizonts.

From masturbators to lovedolls for men and women, different finger sleeves and covers for penis stimulation, to erotic love swings everything is available, the erotic heart desires most. Increase the demand (and size) with different penis pumps or vagina pumps for greater circulation and a more intensive feelings. Choose from various penis cock rings and the desired material and extend the act of love.

Change your erotic playground with various orgy sheets, create a wicked atmosphere, and also protect the bed, the couch or other furniture in case of different body fluids. Whether you like it black or red, pink or purple, whether as a full sheet or sheets, the choice is huge and the choice is yours.


New at Erotic items

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Your favorits

Masturbator Sleeve Smile Grip

New TENGA Masturbators - InsideOut

Wednesday 20 March, 2013 15:00:00
New TENGA Masturbators - InsideOut

TENGA 3D Polygon Masturbator - Cut down to geometric intelligence and style - must have been the TENGA designers credo while they created these stunning supernatural 3D masturbators! This unique masturbation sculpture features angled polygons. Every single creation is brought to you in a show case with their geometric profile turned inside out. This is the intelligent way to link visual pleasure to sexual desire!

These masturbators are visually great - also perfect for cleaning - and they look stunning in your cupboard - and only you know what you can do with it in minutes. Enjoy the new feeling of the new TENGA Generation 3D.


Fleshlight Girls back again!

Wednesday 27 February, 2013 19:00:00
Fleshlight Girls back again!

Fleshlight Girls - the most famous copies of your favorit porn stars are back. Fleshlight Originals are the most sold male sextoy of the world and 1.000.000 satisfied fleshlight customers cannot be wrong. Fleshlight Originals are the leader in masturbators and offer different combination possibilites, if you like it tight or wide. With Fleshlight Originals you will find the perfect sexassistant for the next years and get a new way or

Our Fleshlight Originals will offer you the perfect starter set with the experience of a lot of satisfied customers and couples.


LIBERATOR - Neue Positionen für die Liebe

Saturday 05 January, 2013 12:00:00
LIBERATOR - Neue Positionen für die Liebe

Passend zum neuen Jahr halten auch die verschiedenen Sitz- und Liegekissen aus dem Hause LIBERATOR bei uns Einzug. Ob als romantischer Herz für den Valentinstag oder für den Liebsten, ob als flexible Liege oder doch eher mit angebrachten Fixierungen - die Produkte aus dem Hause LIBERATOR sind in verschiedensten Ausführungen ab sofort erhältlich.

Der Große Vorteil bei diesen verschiedenen Modellen ist die gute Pflege und Reinigung. Viele Bezüge sind direkt für die Waschmaschine geeignet und können, wenn doch einmal etwas daneben gegangen ist, bequem gereinigt werden und sind schnell wieder für den nächsten Einsatz gerüstet.


Shades of Grey 2 - Fifty Shades Darker - The Bestseller

Tuesday 11 September, 2012 10:29:00
Shades of Grey 2 - Fifty Shades Darker - The Bestseller

After the huge success of the first part of >Shades of Grey< - the erotic bestseller of the year the second part is available now in German language too... called >Dangerous Love< Feel again the desire of both Ana and Christian and get get the latest inspirations ...

Uncertain of the specific games with Christian, Ana wants to break off the relationship with the handsome man, but noticed after a short time that you not get away from him and goes to back into his hands. The dangerous game of love and passion, between power and submission, and desire for new experiences begins more intensive ...


Mensation - the new testicle stimulator for HIM

Wednesday 16 May, 2012 13:04:00
Mensation - the new testicle stimulator for HIM

The MENSATION is the latest development of testicle stimulation and masturbation tool for men. Unlike regular stimulators this tool stimulates the testicles intensivelyand not the penis. This gives a feeling that gentle lady fingers or a tongue stimulates your testicles. The desire is growing ...

The MENSATION stimulator is intended for all fans who want to be stimulated without E-Stim stimulation (such as Rodeo Robin) but still wants to stimulate the testicles and if you are are in search of an orgasm, you will like the feeling of hoping that the MENSATION will stop or your orgasm will start... Enjoy that moment.


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