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E-Stim electro stimulation and clinic fetish store by LTVS24

The BDSM, E-Stim electrosex and fetish shop by LTVS24 offers new opportunities for stimulation and control.

Feel the gentle tingling sensation of the stimulation you get further and further into ecstasy, or the harsh treatment in BDSM play.

Combine your E-Stim electrosex items with soft leather restraints or beautiful and strong stainless steel restraints, find a small or wide collar, a soft or a big gag or the teasing nipple clamps. Start your bdsm and fetish day with a chastity device for your sub and think about an erotic role-play.

Ever thought about different spreader bars or new toys for CBT torture, pinwheels or sheets?

Your bdsm & fetish team by LTVS24
A new stimulation!


BDSM, fetish and electrosex describe three of the most interesting and varied opportunities for fetish lovers. Whether you are looking for collars and cuffs, electrical stimulation and various nipple clamps, gags and ropes, this BDSM shop offers over 2500 different products, and constantly add new items for SM-and fetish lovers.

Take advantage of high-quality E-Stim and tens unit sets by Mystim - for beginners or advanced, simple or sophisticated hand and foot restraints made ​​of soft nylon, leather or high grade stainless steel - the possibilities are almost limitless. Find sheets for your wetgames or a complete your clinical equipment.

For all lovers of hoods and masks, you have to find your personal favorite out of over 450 different products (latex masks, viynl masks and leather masks) as well as various eye masks or gas masks itself in this area. We are sure, you will find your personal favorite. There are also different spreader bars, bondage ropes or tapes for various fixations. Try all kind of fetish games you and your partner like - we are sure, you like the BDSM-Shop.


New at BDSM, electro & fetish

Latexhood with butterfly gag and eyefolder

Your favorits

Ballstretcher Steel 50mm

New in: Transparent Restraints

Friday 22 February, 2013 11:00:00
New in: Transparent Restraints

Transparent hand restraints for your slave or partner who needs to be in a certain position. These transparent restraints have studs and D-rings and have a short snap hook chain for great possibilities. The transparency may give you or your partner some safe feeling that the restraints will not be seen by others, but there can be a great slave situation within seconds.

These hand cuffs or restraints are each 5cm wide and have an adjustable length from 20-29cm because of buckles. The transparent see-through material polyvinylchloride give the perfect grip.


New gas mask available - Danish gas mask

Friday 15 February, 2013 17:00:00
New gas mask available - Danish gas mask

Gas mask with separate filter. Try this special mask feeling and hear every breath you take very intense. These danish gas masks from the military gives you the possibility to forget the real outside world and dive into your own thoughts.

Please note: This is a novelty mask only and is thus NOT intended for protective use. Adjustable straps at the back of the head secures the mask close to the head.


Chastity belts and chastity devices and locks - new items added

Wednesday 10 October, 2012 13:00:00
Chastity belts and chastity devices and locks - new items added

Whether chastity belt, chastity device, CB 6000 or CB 3000 or the more frequently used chastity cuffs - the choice is huge. We have now added some new and mean chastity devices, know how to prevent the partner from an orgasm or an erection in many different ways ...

Sealed tube with or without studs, clamp with various purity rings or whoever is looking for a real special and hard torture might select the cock cuff with urehtra insert penis plug.


Latexbed - the Latexa latex vacuumbed is available again - in black or transparent

Saturday 21 April, 2012 19:00:00
Latexbed - the Latexa latex vacuumbed is available again - in black or transparent

From now on, the Latexa latex vacuum bed with a size of 100 x 200 cm for beautiful fetish games is available again. Put your partner inside this special latex sheet with a side zipper and start to suck the air slowly with your vacuum cleaner.

The room for maneuver is limited more and more to complete immobility. Only one hole for the mouth, and if desired, a hole in the genital area to make a direct contact with the outside world is available. Otherwise, you are captured and delivered to the games of your partners.

The touches are felt more intensely and the thoughts are increasing. If your partner ever stimulated and experience the genital area, you feel this is many times more intense. Alternatively, you get the latex vacuum bed in a transparent and can see every detail of the prisoners in the vacuum bed...


Different mystim Electrosex Tens Discount Sets available

Thursday 22 March, 2012 14:13:00
Different mystim Electrosex Tens Discount Sets available

We have used the opportunity and we created a few new special electrosex-tens-units by Mystim for you. Get the favorite items of the program in a great starter set, cheaper than the regular prices. No long decisions needed, just select your favorite way of playing with the tens-sets and save directly.

Decide for yourself, if you prefer stimulation with magical gloves, cock and testicle straps or prefer different probes and special dildos. Combine these sets with the included electrodes or add different items in the future. You are completely flexible with our starter sets.

Take a look on our new Mystim-Elektrosex-Tens-Units-Sets


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