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Latexstore for latexclothes and rubberclothes by LTVS24

In our latex shop by LTVS24 you will find selected items from new and special latex designers and many well-known latex manufacturers.

Enjoy the special shine of latex, the fragrance of latex and rubber clothes and enjoy the feeling of confinement, warming and seduction during wearing latex.

Tempt your partner in erotic latex clothing or combine individual latex items with your regular everyday clothing.

Mix the trends of the season with latex tights together with a beautiful wool pullover, a tight latex top with a fashionable pair of jeans.

Your team of Latex LTVS24
We Love Latex


The latexshop of offers a wide selection of latex clothing and latex accessories. In our latex fetish shop find products from various manufacturers in many latex colors and latex thicknesses. Whether you are looking for latex bodysuits, catsuits, latex pants, latex jackets, latex dresses, latex corsets, latex or Latexstruempfe care, here you will find everything.

LTVS24 offer in our latexshop more than 2,000 different products, and follows the trends of the latex and fetish scene for many years. We only work with reliable manufacturers latex, which offer good products and good service.

We deliver not only regular customers, we also deliver fetish models all over the world and celebrities with all kind of latex products. Whether you are looking for a made ​​to measure or regular item. Manufacturers such as Late X, Latexa, Anita Berg are with us for more than 10 years, as well as many smaller latex manufacturers in Germany, Europe and overseas. Latex is more to us than a product - Latex is a labor of love for us.


New at Latex

Latexcare Pjur Cult 100ml Shining silicone oil dressing conditioner

Your favorits

Latexcape short 1107

Latex in PURPLE - so sexy!

Sunday 03 March, 2013 18:00:00
Latex in PURPLE - so sexy!

Now many latex clothes are also available in beautiful purple color. We are happy to show you some of the new designs in the special color.

Try these new latex and rubber clothes in purple color to match them with your regular or already existing latex clothes. You will feel great and very feminine in these new designs and the color fits perfect to many items.


New latex leggings with penis sleeve for him!

Monday 18 February, 2013 16:00:00
New latex leggings with penis sleeve for him!

New latex pants and trousers or leggings for him with a nice cock and ball penis-sleeve for latex and rubber lovers.

Try these tight black latex pants with anatomically shaped penis sleeve and show that you are a real man and show what HE really like or dislikes. Wear this latex item as a slave, lover or even just underneath your regular everyday clothes and only you know about this little secret.


Many individual production latex items available again!

Thursday 03 January, 2013 18:00:00
Many individual production latex items available again!

We are proud to offer many famous latex and rubber items which will be directly produced ater your order - just for you! So these pieces are really fresh and great quality work to become one of your famous latex items in your closet. You decide which color, size, material thickness and which extras you like to have on your special item.

Try these new latex clothes with the preferred extras or in a special color and enjoy that this item was only produced for you - so you are in some way your own designer.


Latexitems - many new latexclothes available

Friday 20 July, 2012 12:00:00
Latexitems - many new latexclothes available

The Latex Store is now offering many new latex products for men and women. Special latex catsuits for women with zipper on the breasts and special latex catsuits for men with gloves and socks.. From now on you will find a variety of latex skirts and latexhotpants in black, red or transparent

Try the new latex products and latex clothes once a particular color, such as in purple or pink.

Start the summer with a special latex clothes and experience and special atmosphere of latex clothing.


Latexcare - from latexshining and dressing aids to latex washing solutions...

Wednesday 11 April, 2012 19:13:00
Latexcare - from latexshining and dressing aids to latex washing solutions...

We frequently receive requests for the proper care and the right care products for your outfit. In addition to storing your latex clothing in a dark place, and no use of perfumes or metal parts (due to the discoloration), we recommend the care products of PJUR.

PJUR latex care is available in two bottles - 100ml as PJur Cult dressing aid, so that the latex clothing can be worn easily and PJUR Cult Shining Spray 250ml for the special and intense shine of your outfit. The new bottle design will make additional usage of the shining spray also during an event very easy. In addition, the well-known latex-talc powder for storage and a latex washing solution after usage.

Link: Details about latexcare and latexshining products...


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